Garment Unit

garment unit – – Located 15 minutes away from the IGI Airport, built with modern SEDEX and BSCI compliant structure. Considering the rate of pollution in our country, our building is designed with solar panels for energy conservation

Leathers Store

  • At Discovery Leathers, we keep in-house 30000-40000 stocks ready in regular colours, besides our own Tannery backup.
  • So while other factories take 30-45 days just for leathers procurement, we can start straight away from cutting. This ensures quick turnaround time, speedy production and on time delivery.

Accessories Store

  • Our large accessory store ensures ready availability of accessories like zipper, pullers, buttons, etc. to ensure smooth production in business.
  • Again it helps us to cut down on procurement times for trim sourcing.

Lining Store

  • We carry widest variety of in-house lining options to choose from, with more than 100 options in different fabrics and prints.
  • At Discovery Leathers, we believe that lining is as important a part of jackets as is leather.

How It Work

Cutting Department

  • In-house Cutting Section with capacity of 1000 garments per day.

Stitching Department

  • In-house setup of 300 machines with a daily production capacity of 1000 garments per day.

Sampling Department

  • Our dedicated team of sampling department ensures production of quick and accurate pre-production samples using the in-house stock of leather, trims and lining material.

CAD Machines

The facility is equipped with:

  • CAD machine to develop the perfect patterns.
  • International Dummy for the perfect body shapes and perfect body fittings

Designing Showroom

  • In-house Designing and Merchandising teams ensure to offer a wide range of pre-production samples.